Dell EMC ML3 Tape Library

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Product Description

  • Backup with Ease
  • Easy to order, easy to use and easy to service with a 3U form factor, expandable to up to 272 slots
  • A simple approach to automating backup:
  • The Dell EMC ML3 Tape Library offers scalability above and beyond traditional tape solutions, so that you can grow your data environment with your business.
  • Keep it simple and save on time and support costs with the easy to order, easy to configure, and easy to upgrade ML3 with ML3E expansion
  • Automated Data Protection:
  • Regular, disciplined backup is a vital part of a complete disaster recovery strategy. The Dell EMC ML3 is a powerful tape library that helps organizations automate their backup processes to reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error. The Dell EMC ML3 uses optical cartridge location technology for precision cartridge handling and inventory, which helps improve the overall reliability of backups.
  • Simplified Operations
  • Tapes can be imported and exported individually using the mail slot or either sixteen (ML3) or twenty (ML3E) at a time using one of two magazines. The library utilizes barcode-scanning technology to record the location of tape media, so you can be assured that your critical data is properly stored and ready in case disaster strikes.
  • Intuitive Management
  • An on-board, user-friendly LCD interface allows you to easily monitor, control, configure, and service the library. While you are away, the tape library enables you to remotely administer all functions, including system status and logs, diagnostics and drive operations, as well as configuration and inventory management features.
  • Tape Versatility
  • The comparative low cost for tape combined with its long history of proven reliability helps ensure its continued use for both backup and archiving. The portability of tape enables it to be taken off-site and stored in a vault. In addition, LTO tape technology supports write-once, read-many (WORM) capability, which enables permanent data storage that cannot be overwritten — a requirement of many compliance regulations.